ASI mobile app


The Active Shooter Identification (ASI) Mobile Application enables mobile devices to be utilized as a primary weapon in preventing, mitigating, and responding to violent situations and active shooter events. In society today we are faced with an epidemic of habitual violence being perpetrated at an astonishing rate, resulting in 496 perished innocent lives. The ASI solution will serve as a proactive response to reducing the amount of violent situations in society. Users will adapt a proactive mindset through video tutorials and interactive learning portals designed to engage the neurotransmitters in a user’s subconscious, enabling a sense of “flow” to be experienced when times of stress and adrenaline are present.

Violence in society today is extremely dynamic and based on a game of seconds. Knowledge and time play a crucial role in preventing, mitigating and responding to violent incidents and active shooter events. The ASI solution gives users the knowledge and tools to respond and react in a timely manner, when faced with imminent violence. Combining technology with education, the ASI solution immediately notifies emergency services upon detection of a gunshot, reduces response times for emergency personnel, as well as increases event situational awareness prior to their arrival on the scene.

The ASI solution provides:

  • Mass notification chat room for alerting, indicating and reducing potential violent situations. Monitored by Law Enforcement and Emergency Services.
  • Educational video tutorial training enabling users to adapt a proactive mindset.
  • Nationwide accountability on active shooter response training and mitigation credentials.
  • Unilateral communication and coordination amongst members of the community and emergency services/law enforcement.
  • Gunshot detection activation software initiates dropdown emergency interface to all users within a 25 mile radius.
  • Immediately alerts emergency services/Law enforcement of detected gun shots location, caliber, and geospatial positioning.
  • Instant access to life saving emergency triage steps during the incident.
  • Geospatial identification of hospitals, emergency services, law enforcement officials, fire/police stations in proximity to the detected gun shot.
  • Automatic accountability and location of all personnel involved in the incident.
  • Real-time incident tracking and monitoring for law enforcement and emergency services.

Societal Pain Points:

  • No counter active shooter response protocols, plans and procedures implemented.
  • Zero accountability for active shooter response training and drill execution/evaluation.
  • No comprehensive communication/coordination exists between emergency services and the general population.
  • No real-time event tracking emergency response software exists for violent situations.
  • Comprehensive nationwide violence prevention initiative does not exist to reduce the amount of fatalities from violent incidents.
  • Expensive security and safety mandates exist in the budgeting concerns for organizations.
  • Societal complacency and situational awareness needs to be increased in order to reduce civilian fatalities.

The ASI Answer:

  • Accountability of violence prevention and mitigation training courses.
  • Mass notification and communication software for all users.
  • Gunshot detection and dropdown interface activation software.
  • Instant access to emergency triage steps for life saving assistance.
  • Geospatial identification of critical assets and personnel in proximity to an event.
  • Real-Time incident tracking between emergency personnel and victims.


The ASI mobile application solution is based on the Snapp IoT platform, which has over 2000 man months of development and two granted patents.