Module 2 – Protective Procedures

Situation Assessment | Security Posture | Communication Plan

Situation Assessment

Instructor | P.R.A.Y. course


1. Identify Critical Vulnerabilities (CV) within the environment

Areas in the environment an attacker could exploit (i.e.- entrances, exits, functions, common areas, etc.).

2. Identify Likely Avenues Of Approach

Attackers most likely routes (i.e.- Hallways, roads, sidewalks, etc.)

3. Identify Possible Choke Points

Places that restrict movement and limit the avenues of ingress and potential egress.

4. Identify Cover And ConcealmentInstructor | P.R.A.Y. course

  • Cover – Structures that can stop an attacker, dependent on the attackers weapon.
  • Concealment – Will not protect, but can hide an individual from an attacker, dependent upon the attackers weapon.

Security Posture

Instructor | P.R.A.Y. course

  1. Identify and mitigate visual and physical gaps
    • Areas that have little observation and lapses in security.
    • Once areas are identified, take measures to correct these deficiencies.
  2. Identify And Create Obstacle Plan

Have a plan in place that minimizes the movement of an attacker to the individuals involved in the situation at hand.

Communication Plan

Instructor | P.R.A.Y. course

1. Mass communication plan
How individuals communicate on a mass scale.

2. Individual communication plan
How individuals communicate internally with others, encompassing the delegation and responsibility of assigned tasks.

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