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  1. This course was designed as one of the first proactive measures taken to address the overwhelming amount of youth-violence American society has witnessed and been victim to over the past 20 years.
  2. The course curriculum is intended for the faculty, staff, administrators and personnel within each and every school district for the intention of disaster/catastrophe prevention and preparedness in the case of a violent situation that may arise on the job.

Mission | Intent

  1. The purpose of the ASI course is to provide educators of our youth the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to prevent or control a situation of violence in our systems today. Through threat assessment, platform instruction, and an extensive after action review, our teams of highly decorated veterans intend to create safer communities and schools for our youth. The end state of the ASI course is to identify critical vulnerabilities in our nations school systems that could potentially lead to a tragic event, and enforce policy through action on ways to mitigate violent events from occurring.
  2. Educators of our youth engage in a 3-5 day hands on training course taught by our team. During the course of instruction, educators gain the satisfaction and confidence to Prepare, Prevent, and React to any sort of violent event that may occur on the job. Upon completion of the course, educators will become the “First Line of Defense” against the interdiction and eradication of any type of youth-violence in our school systems.

Nationwide Veteran Employment Initiative

Currently in America we have over 1,020,000 unemployed veterans. This is unbelievably tragic and an issue that needs to be addressed. We at Fidelity Security Solutions have strategically created a nationwide veteran hiring initiative through the installation of our signature ASI course.

  1. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are currently 98,817 public schools in our nation, as well as 33,370 private schools, making that a total of 132,187 institutions of education. The ASI signature course utilizes a 6-man instructor team that guides and mentors students in fundamental aspects of school violence.
  2. The ASI signature course taught in institutions of education around the nation, will not only put an end to veteran unemployment, it will be able to establish a guaranteed employment program for any and all transitioning service members that choose to exit the military. Moreover, service members will have the ability to continue to give back to their country in a positive way, enabling job satisfaction and safer communities nationwide for our youth.

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    1. For more information about our program and what we provide for the community. Please contact our associates at “” for more details or questions pertaining to the P.R.A.Y. course.

  1. Is this course only for teachers? I am a parent but also a direct care provider with special needs adults. I am completing my bachelor’s in applied behavioral science and want to work with at risk youth. Very interested in this.

    1. Thank you for reaching out to us here at Fidelity Security Solutions. This course is primarily focused on educating and instructing the faculty /staff aboard educational facilities. However, we can tailor our curriculum to any sort of infrastructure (not just schools), and design a custom training program to facilitate “the prevention of gun violence” in any establishment. Please contact our associates at “” for further details pertaining to the P.R.A.Y. course being taught at your establishment.

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