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Youth-Violence and School Shootings

  • Since 1992 there has been 387 shootings in the United States at various instutitions of higher education. As a result, 492 innocent American lives were taken from us due to acts of violence. Of those victims, 59% of them were between the ages of 10-19 years old. In addition, 69% of those shooters or perpetrators were between the same age [10-19 years old].
  • The deadliest shootings to date: April 16, 2007 [Virginia Tech] Blacksburg, VA (33 fatalities), December 14, 2012 [Sandy Hook Elementary School] Newtown,CT (28 fatalities), and April 20, 1999 [Columbine High School] Littleton, CO (15 fatalities).


Being “in the zone” or “on auto-pilot” are all ways to describe what the Japanese call “MUGA”, and what Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi termed “FLOW” in the 1980′s. Flow can be defined as a period in time in which one becomes so completely involved in an activity that all other thoughts and emotions [the “self”] are excluded from consciousness. It is during this experience that an individual is in the much desired, yet elusive mental state, required to push his or her limits in the quest for peak performance. While many individuals view flow as a philosophical idea, we at Fidelity Security Solutions view it as vital to any type of formal training. It enhances a person’s awareness, improves their mood, and most importantly, enables them to perform at a level of proficiency they would not otherwise be capable. This mental state of cognizance is what we strive to instill in all teachers in our school systems today, through the use of our signature ASI course. We as combat veterans understand this concept extremely well, as we have experienced times of heightened stress in which our performance was paramount. Our training and mindset allowed the mind to switch to a state of consciousness that allowed the body to operate and not be affected by the situation at hand. We intend to teach and instruct those very life saving techniques to educators around the nation, subsequently creating safer schools, and an environment in which the youth of America may flourish.

Instructor Credentials and Background

To ensure we have provided the best product for our school systems, we have hand selected a team of distinguished veterans, from all branches of the military in order to create our signature ASI course. Collectively our instructors have over 20 years of combat experience and 25 years of formal military education and advanced training, and have participated in both Counterinsurgency operations and humanitarian efforts in areas around the world. Our instructors have been forward deployed in support of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Our cadre of instructors held numerous leadership positions during their time in the armed forces. Those leadership experiences enabled them the ability to understand human behavior and adaptability to any given situation that may arise.

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