Module 3 – Self-Defense Training

Thought Process | S.T.A.R.

 Thought Process

Instructor | P.R.A.Y. course


1. Stop | Think | Act | Reassess | (STAR)

Using S.T.A.R. in self-defense Interpersonal Violence Framework.

2. Interpersonal Violence Framework

Understanding of what actions individuals can be capable.




Determine Intent 

Instructor | P.R.A.Y. course

1. Assess and differentiate between [Temper vs. Intent].

Ability to tell when an individual intends bodily harm on an opponent, or when they are just aggravated by a particular situation.

Application of soft to hard target assessments.

  • Soft target – Low state of awareness and readiness. [An easy victim].
  • Hard target – A heightened state of situational awareness and self-protection.[A difficult victim].




Taking Action

Instructor | P.R.A.Y. course

1. Escalation of force

Guidelines on how to use force.

2. Handling procedures

Techniques to search and move subdued perpetrators.

3. Worst case scenarios

  • Unarmed vs. Unarmed
  • Unarmed vs. Armed
  • Armed vs. Armed

4. Weapons of opportunity

Any object that can be used for self-defense in the case of an emergency.

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